Please feel free to contact us with any questions that are not covered here.

What is a Giclée Print? The word Giclée ("g-clay"), is derived from the French verb gicler meaning "to squirt or spray", Giclée, is used to describe a fine art digital printing process combining pigment-based inks with high quality archival quality paper to achieve prints of superior archival quality, light-fastness and stability.

What is a C-type print? These are photographic prints, created on light sensitive professional photographic paper using finely balanced red, green & blue light source.

What is a Silver Gelatin Print? The process was introduced at the end of the nineteenth century and dominated black-and-white photography in the twentieth century. The paper or film used to make gelatin silver prints and negatives is coated with an emulsion that contains gelatin and silver salts. Gelatin silver prints and negatives are developed out rather than printed out, which means that exposure to light registers a latent image that becomes visible only when developed in a chemical bath. These prints are hand made in a dark room and take time to make, hence the higher price point.

How does Limited Edition numbering work? Each photographer has their own rules regarding numbering so please refer to the description on the specific image page. For example, one photographer may offer an image as an edition of 20 at any size which means that particular image will only ever be printed 20 times. It doesn't matter if one print is 10x15" and another is 20x30". Some photographers prefer to offer an edition number specific to a size. So for example one particular image can be printed 20 times at 10x15" and then another 20 times at 20x30".

Why my print might look different to what I see on screen? It is impossible to get 100% accurate colour across all platforms. What you see on your mobile phone might look slightly different to what you see on your TV, or laptop, and definitely different to what you might see on printed paper. But each photographer ensures the images is as close to how they intended it to be. The crop may also be slightly different to how it appears on the website as each photographer may use a slightly different aspect ratio, but clients will ALWAYS be shown a mock up of how the final crop will be before the print is made.

Can I see uncensored images? At our discretion we may email an uncensored image to clients who are past buyers and have a track record of collecting work. I'm sure you can understand that the majority of people asking to see a full frontal pic have no intention of buying the print and we do not want uncensored images to get leaked onto the internet since many of the models have agreed to pose full frontal for print purposes only.

Why do the prices vary so much between photographers? Each photographer sets his or her own prices, and they are based on what their work usually sells for. These are collectable prints so prices reflect not only the experience of the photographer but the printing process, the type of paper, the archival quality, and the edition number.